Aerial Photographer Toby Harriman and a Flickr Feature with Specialized Helicopters

Flickr Feature with Toby Harriman

Toby Harriman is a Creative Aerial Director & Content Producer currently based in San Francisco, California. With his main focus in the Aerial & Drone industry, he also enjoys working with Timelapse, Cinematography & Photography. A visual explorer whose travels take him from Hawaiian shores to hanging out of helicopter doors, from moonlit desert vistas to the edge of skyscraper rooftops, Toby seeks out creative edges that captivate. He is a regular contributor to National Geographic Travel, and he is the founder of Planet Unicorn, a multi-faceted company that creates and curates original stories from Toby himself and other artists from around the globe, it features a fine art gallery as well as a separate studio/production unit working with various clients helping with their content needs.


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San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Aerial (Helicopter)
Flickr Feature: Toby Harriman
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The Best Way To Capture San Francisco

Toby has been booking private doors-pff helicopter charters with us for many years. Setting out to capture content for himself, creating passion projects and shooting for various clients hiring him. Specialized Helicopters works and coordinates with Toby for countless doors-off helicopter flights to accomplish whatever crazy idea he keeps bringing to the table. 

“From the day I got into photographing San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, my goal was to shoot it from every angle possible. This is one of those shots I can add to my collection proudly. It’s a shot that would be illegal by drone (unless you have a huge budget to shut down the bridge and even then, probably near to impossible) and can really only be done by helicopter while passing en route over the bridge, between the towers. Everything lined up perfectly for this, we took a few passes back through to get one facing each direction. But this one came together with the sunset and Sutro Tower in the distance, the traffic and the perfectly timed sailboat on the left side. Always happy when a shot comes together!”

Toby HarrimanAerial Photographer

“Because I have been shooting aerials over San Francisco since 2013. Most of my work comes from before the time they built these two brand new skyscrapers, Salesforce Tower and 181 Fremont as well as the beautiful Salesforce park you see taking up many blocks between them. I actually worked with 181 Fremont back in 2013 shooting all the backplates for their initial marketing material and photography renderings, which they did such an amazing job on, they still use them to this day! So I have a personal attachment to these buildings and followed their uprising since the start. My goal for this shoot was to finally get some photographs of the buildings finished. I liked these two shots, one from sunset and one during blue hour. It’s pretty cool to finally have a huge public park right in the middle of downtown.”

Toby HarrimanAerial Photographer
San Francisco 2020 Skyline Salseforce Aerial Sunset
San Francisco 2020 Skyline Salseforce Aerial Night
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The Best Views Are From Above

From just before sunrise to long after sunset, Toby has been able to capture this city in almost every light and situation you can dream up. 

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